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Parkinson's Disease Association of Sicily - APiS



Parkinson's Disease Association of Sicily was founded in Palermo by a group of people who have decided to react to the disease in a positive way, putting one's own experience to good use of other people in order to widespread any information to relieve pain and contribute to the knowledge of health and social laws.


Parkinson's Disease Association of Sicily was officially set up at Villa Niscemi on 19 February 2000 at the presence of Town Councillor for People and Family Anna Maria Abramonte, of former President Francesco Brocato and of the scientific board coordinator Marina Rizzo. The Association was dedicated to notary Francesco Sanfilippo, who is lately died because of Parkinson's disease.


Today APiS supports Parkinson-related research, patient care, education and training to keep patients away from loneliness, under the coordination of a scientific board managed by neurologist Dr. Marina Rizzo.



      Contacting APiS


  Emilio Salemi - presidenza@parkinsonsicilia.org
  Scientific Board:   Marina Rizzo - marina.rizzo@parkinsonsicilia.org
      Palermo Head Office


  Ospedale Enrico Albanese
      Via Papa Sergio I 5, 90100 Palermo, Italy




  Fax:   +39.091.38046044


      Messina Office


  Via Cresta 429, Naso (ME)
  Tel.:   +39.340.6881049



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